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LSE Research Laboratory (RLAB)

Your Computer Set up

Currently computers on the RLAB DOMAIN run Windows 7.

If you are a member of and have an desk at CASE, CEP, SERC or STICERD you will be allocated a network userspace. You will find this located under Start > Computer:

[Picture of start - computer]
  • For CEP and SERC users this will appear as your J: drive.

  • For CASE and STICERD users this will appear as your Z: drive.
[Picture of J: Drive icon] [Picture of Z: Drive icon]

We recommend the use of your RLAB DOMAIN networked user-space (J: drive or Z: drive) to save your work files as this drive is backed up overnight. In the event of a computer error, we may not be able to retrieve files saved on your desktop machine.

Common Applications

STICERD, CEP and SERC computer come with many applications and software suites as standard and you can find these by expanding the All Programs list from the Start menu.

Some of the most commonly used amongst members are:

[Picture of 7-Zip Shortcut] 7-Zip.
For compressing or extracting files. WinZip is also installed.
[Picture of Adobe Reader Shortcut] Adobe Reader.
For reading PDF files. CutePDF and Microsoft/Adobe Plugin for creating PDF files is also installed.
[Picture of ArcGIS Shortcut] ArcGIS.
Geographic information system (GIS) software for creating and using maps; compiling geographic data; and analyzing mapped information.
[Picture of Internet Explorer Shortcut] Internet Explorer.
Microsoft web browser
[Picture of iTunes Shortcut] iTunes
Manage music, video and podcasts for your computer or digital video/audio Player.
[Picture of LyX Shortcut] LyX Editor
Editor. Use it to write TeX or LaTeX files
[Picture of Maple Shortcut] Maple
Mathematical Software
[Picture of MathType Shortcut] MathType
Equation Editor - lets you create mathematical notation for word processing, web pages, presentations, and for TeX, LaTeX
[Picture of Matlab Shortcut] Matlab
Mathematical and Statistical Software
[Picture of Office Shortcut] Microsoft Office.
Including...(see below)
[Picture of Access Shortcut] Access
Microsoft database program.
[Picture of Excel Shortcut] Excel
Microsoft spreadsheet program.
[Picture of Outlook Shortcut] Outlook
Microsoft email program.
[Picture of PowerPoint Shortcut] PowerPoint
Microsoft presentation program.
[Picture of Publisher Shortcut] Publisher
Microsoft presentation and web editing program.
[Picture of Word Shortcut] Word
Microsoft word processing program.
[Picture of Firefox Shortcut] Mozilla Firefox
Web browser
[Picture of Roxio Shortcut] Roxio Creator DE
Backup your files onto CD or DVD.
[Picture of Scientific WorkPlace Shortcut] Scientific WorkPlace
Technical word processing program (for equations, symbols) which can perform symbolic computation
[Picture of Skype Earth] Skype
Voice and video calls over the internet
[Picture of Sophos Shortcut] Sophos.
Anti-Virus Software.
[Picture of SPSS Shortcut] SPSS/PASW
Statistical Analysis Software
[Picture of Stata Shortcut] Stata
Statistical and Data Analysis Software.
[Picture of StatTransfer Shortcut] StatTransfer
Transfers data from one file format to another, for example SPSS to Stata, Delimited Text to Excel, etc...