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Read First: How to get your own LSE Personal Web Page

New users will automatically have an entry on the CEP and STICERD websites with contact details. There is also some scope to add details such as expertise or list a few publications on these official staff biography pages.

STICERD staff should contact Angela Swain (email: in the first instance and CEP staff should contact Linda Cleavely (email:

However we strongly encourage CEP and STICERD users to register for a LSE personal webspace.

Having your own website means you can:

  • place and update your cv on the web,

  • store tutorial materials for students to download,

  • put working papers online, AND

  • just tell the world about yourself, your research and your interests.
You can also access this webspace from home and therefore be able to update it at any time.

It's easy to register for your webspace. Simply point your browser to

and sign on.

Once you have successfully registered your personal webspace can be found at

- where username is your IT account username.

However to create and edit your web pages you must manually connect to your LSE personal webspace - or U: Drive. This you can do by following the instructions from the link below:

Connect ('Map a drive') to your U: drive

Once you have connected you can place your files, such as working papers or cv on the drive or create web pages. Instructions are available from the link below:

Creating Web Pages