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Video Conferencing in CEP and STICERD

The Michio Morishima Room (3.05) can be used for video conferencing for CEP and STICERD staff ONLY.

Our video conferencing system makes IP to IP video calls only so please check with the other video conferencing participants that either they - or - we can make an ip video call.

If you have to make a video conferencing call using an ISDN number please contact the LSE AV Unit or LSE Enterprise (see below).

We also have a Mobile Video Conferencing Unit that can be used in CEP and STICERD offices, for two people. This again makes IP to IP video calls only. Please contact Nic Warner or Joe Joannes to book and for help on operating the system.

The Video Conferencing Facilities are very popular so please book ahead!

Illustrated instructions on how to operate the Video Conferencing facilities in 3.05 are available in Adobe PDF format. Full printed instructions are already available in the Michio Morishima Room.

Other video conferencing facilities at LSE:

[1]: Ground Floor, Tower One - Contact the AV Unit

LSE now has static, video conference facilities on the ground floor of Tower One. The video conferencing room is fitted with the latest in video conferencing equipment as well as a variety of furniture depending on the nature of the conference. This is ideal for liaising, networking or lecturing to different corners of the world without the need to leave campus. It is fitted with ISDN links for bookings of a commercial nature and with prior arrangement onsite support can be arranged.

The school's videoconferencing facilities need to be booked via the AV Unit, who will also be able to advise on prices, equipment and availability.

[2]: 'The Studio', Tower One - Contact LSE Enterprise

Video conferencing is also available through special arrangement with LSE Enterprise. LSE Enterprise have video conferencing equipment set up in the 'Studio' meeting room in Tower 1, 8th floor. As well as video conferencing the 'Studio' also has an audio conferencing unit which you will be charged for any call set up and call charges, four whiteboards including a printable whiteboard, overhead projection, large projection computer display, internet access and ISDN connectivity. The 'Studio' seats 12 people around a circular table. Room hire and call charges apply. Further information on facilities, prices and booking are available at LSE Enterprise Conferencing Facilities.