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LSE Research Laboratory (RLAB)

Managing your files

We provide a personal networked space for staff and students who have a RLAB account.
  • For STICERD and CASE users this is your Z: drive.

  • For CEP and SERC users this is your J: drive.

Please use your networked user-space (J:drive or Z:drive) to save your files as this drive is backed up each night.

Another advantage to saving your files on J: or Z: is that you can also connect to this networked drive remotely from home.

Please read the guide "Connect ('Map a drive') to your J: or Z: drive " for more information about this service and how to connect to it remotely.

New users have a quota of 1 Gigabyte of space on the J: and Z: drives, but if you find this is not large enough to hold your files, please contact the IT Team.

We also recommend that you regularly back up your files onto removable media such as a USB or external hard drive or a cloud based solution.