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Change your LSE and RLAB Password

New members joining the school receive an LSE and RLAB account. Existing members will receive an RLAB account to complement their LSE account. Your LSE account enables access to WI-FI and email and your RLAB account enables you to log on to an RLAB computer.

Your LSE and RLAB usernames will be the same. The process for changing the password differs as detailed below. We recommend that you change your password at regular intervals following the instructions below.

Please keep you passwords confidential and do not disclose them to others

Change your RLAB network password.

Log on to a computer on the RLAB domain, enter CTRL+ALT+DEL and choose the 'Change a password' option.

Changing your expired RLAB network password remotely

Login here with your RLAB username and your old password.

You should then be prompted to change your password. Enter your new details then sign out and shut down the browser.

Then try the VPN/remote server/network mapping again with the new password you have set, you may need to give it a few minutes for the password change to occur.

Change your LSE network password.

You can change your LSE network password from any computer at home or on campus via LSE for You.

LSE for You is a portal where you can access or change personal information related to the School, e.g. exam results, contact addresses, pay slip informaton, etc.

The following instructions demonstrate how to change your LSE password, i.e. the password to access your EMAIL and to log onto an LSE computer.

  1. IMPORTANT! Close your Email!
    Close Outlook or log out of LSE email on the web. Switch off any mobile devices which receive your LSE email.
    Changing your password while Outlook is open can lock you out of your email.

  2. Direct your browser to LSE for You (LSE for You).

    The LSE for You log in screen will be displayed:

    LSE for You

  3. In the LSE for You login box, enter your LSE network username and password, then click on the Submit button.

  4. Under 'Account Management'

    Select Change Password

    The LSE for You screen will be displayed, with a menu to the left hand similar to the one shown below.

    LSE for You

  5. The Change Password screen is displayed.

    LSE for You

    Click in the Old Password box and type your existing password

    Important:Remember your network password is case sensitive, which means that if it is alphabetic, you need to remember if it is in uppercase or lowercase.

  6. Click in the New Password box and type your new password.
    Remember that it will be case sensitive.

  7. Click in the second New Password box and type your new password again.

  8. Click on the Change Password button.

    Important:Your LSE password will be changed. This means your password to access email and to log onto an LSE computer, e.g. a computer in the LSE library will be changed.

  9. Click on the Logout at the top right of the screen to log out of LSE for You.