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RSS Feeds: Want to keep up to date with articles from The Economist?

Want to find out the latest daily news headlines or just articles on a specific subject ?

Want your news appearing live on Outlook, organized in a folder of its own and updated automatically? Now you can, as The Economist provides RSS feeds.

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication - which allows site content to be shared easily and viewable in other programmes.

While this page will show you how to add a feed from The Economist, you can apply the same points to add any feed from any site.

Follow these simple instructions to get started:
  1. In your web browser go to The Economist Website. A list of their RSS Feeds is available from

  2. Scroll down the list and click on the RSS icon of the feed you are interested in reading.

    [Economist RSS]

  3. The RSS Feed will appear in your browser in a very simple format. Look at your broswer bar and copy the URL of this feed.

    [Economist RSS]

  4. In Outlook 2010, look down the list of your mail folders and find RSS Feeds. Right click once on this folder.
    A menu will appear:

    [Outlook, Mail Folders]

  5. A menu will appear:

    [Outlook, Menu]

  6. Select Add A New RSS Feed...
    The New RSS Feed dialog box will appear:

    [Outlook, RSS Feed]

  7. Paste the URL of the RSS feed you are interested in. For example for Economics articles from The Economist the URL is:
    Then click on Add.

  8. A dialog box will appear asking if you wish to Add this RSS Feed to Oulook?
    Click Yes

    [Outlook, Add this RSS Feed]

  9. Latest Economics news from The Economist will appear in a folder under RSS feeds

    [Outlook Tools, Economics News]

  10. The list of items will automatically update whenever new news items are added updated.

    [Outlook Tools, Economics News]

  11. Feeds are available from a site wherever you see the RSS icon: RSS

  12. Remember to monitor your feeds. Delete or archive them when you have finished reading the articles, otherwise they may take up your Mailbox quota:

    [Outlook, Feeds Quota]