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Want to keep up to date with CEP News or Publications on Outlook?

Want to find out the latest news or publications from the Centre for Economic Performance, but don't want the hassle of searching through the CEP website or signing up to a mailing list?

Want your news appearing live on Outlook, organized in a folder of its own and updated automatically? Now you can with CEP's RSS feeds.

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication - which allows site content to be shared easily and viewable in other programmes.

Follow these simple instructions to get started:
  1. In Outlook 2010, look down the list of your mail folders and find RSS Feeds. Right click once on this folder.
    A menu will appear:

    [Outlook, Mail Folders]

  2. Select Add A New RSS Feed...
    The New RSS Feed dialog box will appear:

    [Outlook, RSS Feed]

  3. For CEP News updates, type the following in the box:
    Then click on Add.

  4. A dialog box will appear asking if you wish to Add this RSS Feed to Oulook?
    Click Yes

    [Outlook, Add this RSS Feed]

  5. Latest News from CEP will appear in a folder under RSS feeds

    [Outlook Tools, CEP News]

  6. The list of items will automatically update whenever new news items are added updated.

    [Outlook Tools, Account Settings]

  7. Other feeds are available from CEP:

    • For CEP Publications repeat the steps above, but for point 4. type
    • For CEE Publications repeat the steps above, but for point 4. type

  8. Feeds are available from a site wherever you see the RSS icon: RSS

    For instance you can find out the latest from - for example - The Guardian, The BBC or The Economist live on Outlook. See our instructions for subscribing to feeds from The Economist.

  9. Remember to monitor your feeds. Delete or archive them when you have finished reading the articles, otherwise they may take up your Mailbox quota:

    [Outlook, Feeds Quota]