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Networking and Remote Access

FREE Wireless Guest Access at LSE

LSE has now introduced wireless for guests and visitors in association with 'The Cloud', also in use at many other locations across the UK. If you are on campus visiting for the day or attending a conference or event, you can connect your device to wireless.

Visitors from other participating instutions are encouraged to use eduroam. If you are having trouble connecting to eduroam, please contact your home institution for assistance.

The Cloud is only intended for guest and visitor access to wifi.

Select 'The Cloud' from the available network list. Open your internet browser and sign up on The Cloud landing page if it is your first time using The Cloud or log in if you have previously registered.

This section will help you to connect to RLAB and LSE resources from a personal laptop or remotely using a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

The Connecting to your...networked user space guides to connect to your J: or H: or U: space.

To access LSE or RLAB resources outside of the LSE or RLAB network you will need to connect your computer to the network using VPN.

  1. Connecting to the LSE Network:

    1. Connecting to Eduroam Wi-Fi (Windows)

    2. Connecting to Eduroam Wi-Fi: (Mac)

  2. Connecting to RLAB VPN:

    1. Setting Up VPN (Windows)

    2. Setting Up VPN (Mac)

    3. Setting Up VPN (iOS)

    4. Setting Up VPN (Android)

  3. Connecting to your networked user spaces:

    1. Connecting to your J: or Z: drive (Your RLAB networked user space) (Windows 7)

    2. Connecting to your J: or Z: drive (Mac)

    3. Connecting to your H: space (Your LSE networked user space) (Windows/Mac)

    4. Connecting to your H: space (Mac)

    5. Connecting to your U: drive (Your LSE personal web space) (Windows)