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Connect ('Map a drive') to your U: drive


Read First: What is an U: drive?

Drive letter U: is usually assigned to your LSE Personal webspace.

Users do not automatically have a LSE personal webspace assigned when they join the School, but can APPLY for one.Point your browser to

and sign on.

Once you have successfully registered you can manually connect to your LSE personal webspace - or U: Drive - following the instructions below:

The EASY way to connect to your U: drive

  1. For Windows users (XP/Vista/Windows7) please download the H: Space Utility to your desktop
    Download H: Space Utility

  2. Before running the utility, if you are using your own laptop at the School, or using your computer from home make sure you are connected to the LSE network using LSE VPN

  3. Now you can connect to your U: drive (LSE personal web space):

    1. Save the H: space utility to your desktop

      [Picture of H: Space Utility Icon]

    2. Double-click the Hspace.exe icon on your Desktop to open the utility

      [Picture of H: Space Utility]

    3. Select your role from the Current LSE Status: drop down list (i.e. Student or Staff)

    4. H: space (your LSE user network space) is ticked by default. Make sure you tick the U: space checkbox

    5. Enter your LSE username and password

    6. Click Connect

    7. A dialog box will indicate that the drive has been successfully connected

      [Picture of H: Space Utility dialog]

      Click OK when prompted

    8. Your U: space will be added as a network drive and should be visible in Computer in Vista / Windows 7 computers - also known as My Computer in Windows 2000/XP systems.

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Slightly harder: Manually connect to your U: drive

If you are connecting from home make sure you have already connected remotely to the LSE network using VPN

If you are connecting from your laptop make sure you are connected to the LSE network either

  • physically using an ethernet cable plugged into a working network point OR

  • wirelessly and logged onto the network (instructions available).
  1. Open My Computer. From the menu bar choose Tools > Map Network Drive...

    [Picture of Map Network Drive Option]

  2. In Drive select U: as the drive letter from the drop down list.

  3. In Folder enter \\\webs\username - where username is your IT account username.

    In our example the username is smithj for fictitious user John Smith. Therefore the pathname is \\\webs\smithj.

    [Picture of Map Network Drive Dialog]


    Click on Connect using a different user name.

    [Picture of Connect using a different user name]

    The Connect As.. dialog box will appear.

    Under user name type 'LSE\' and your IT Account username. In our example LSE\smithj

    Under password enter your password

    [Picture of Map Network Drive Dialog]

  5. Your U: drive should now appear ...

    [Picture of Connect As... Dialog Box]

  6. ... and in My Computer an icon for your U: drive should be present

    [Picture of U: Drive icon]

Please be aware that files in your U:space are visible to other LSE users.
This is because the files are 'on the web' so read access must be given to these files.


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