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Connect ('Map a drive') to your J: or Z: drive from your Mac


Read First: What is a J: or Z: drive?

Members of staff of CEP and STICERD are given a networked user-space in which they can save files and documents.
  • For CEP users this is your J: drive.

  • For STICERD users this is your Z: drive.
Please use your RLAB networked user-space (J:drive or Z:drive) to save your important files as this drive is backed up onto tape each night.

Another advantage to saving your files on J: or Z: is that you can also connect to this networked drive remotely from home.

Connecting to your J: or Z: drive from the LSE, from your laptop, or from home using a Mac

  1. If you are connecting from home make sure you have already connected remotely to the LSE network using VPN

    If you are connecting from your laptop make sure you are connected to the LSE network either

    • physically using an ethernet cable plugged into a working network point OR

    • wirelessly using eduroam and logged onto the network - instructions available below:

    1. Connecting to the LSE network using eduroam:

      1. Accessing eduroam via the LSE wireless network

    2. Connecting to LSE VPN:

      1. Setting Up VPN (OS X)

  2. Make sure you are in Desktop - so that you can see Finder at the top of your Mac screen. Click on Go > Connect to Server

    [Mac: Connect to Server Menu]

    You can also use [Apple Key] K from the keyboard to bring this option up.

  3. A Connect To Server dialog box will appear.

    CEP Users

    In the Server Address box type:

    smb://$ - where username is your RLAB username

    [Mac: Connect to Server dialog]

    STICERD Users

    In the Server Address box type:

    smb://$ - where Firstname is your firstname and X is the first letter of your lastname.

    For example for fictitious user John Smith, the address would be smb://$

    [Mac: Connect to Server dialog]

  4. Then click Connect.

  5. An authentication dialog box will appear.

    If you have the option of Domain please type RLAB. Then enter your username and password. Then click OK.

    [Mac: Authentication dialog]

    If you do not have the option of Domain, please type RLAB\username for your username and your regular password. Then click Connect.

    [Mac: Authentication dialog]

  6. Your J:/ Z: drive should now appear ...

    [Mac: Authentication dialog]

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