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Connect ('Map a drive') to your H: drive

What is the H: drive?

All Staff and Students at the LSE are given a networked user-space in which they can save files and documents. This is called your "H: drive" or "H: Space".

The amount you can save on your H: space is given below:
Undergraduates and
Taught Postgraduates 	2 GB

Research Postgraduates 	10 GB

Staff 			10 GB

Users on a computer on the RLAB DOMAIN need to manually connect to their H: Space.
It will not appear automatically in My Computer.

Connecting to the H: drive (Windows)

  1. Click Start (the Windows button in the lower left corner) and then click Computer

  2. Click Map network drive on the toolbar, or click Tools and select Map Network Drive...

  3. In the Drive list, select an available drive letter (e.g. H:\)

  4. In the Folder box enter \\\yourLSEusername or \\\yourLSEusername

  5. If you want to connect to the drive automatically every time you log on to your computer, ensure that Reconnect at logon is selected

  6. Click Finish You will be asked to log on

  7. Enter your username preceded by LSE\ (e.g LSE\LSEusername)

  8. Enter your password and click OK
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Connecting to the H: drive (Mac OS X)

Please follow the instructions on the LSE website

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