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Exploring trends in apprenticeship training around the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy: emerging evidence using a matched apprentice-employer dataset
Alice  Battiston,  Gavan  Conlon,  Gavan  Conlon,  Andy  Dickerson,  Steven   McIntosh,  Pietro  Patrignani,  January 2020
Paper No' CVERBRF011: Full paper (pdf)
Inequality in education and labour market participation of young people across English localities:An exploration based on Longitudinal Education Outcomes (LEO) data
Janine  Boshoff,  Jamie  Moore,  Stefan  Speckesser,  November 2019
Paper No' CVERBRF010: Read Abstract | Full paper (pdf)
Post-16 Aspirations and Outcomes: Comparison of the LSYPE Cohorts
Steven   McIntosh,  June 2019
Paper No' CVERBRF009: Read Abstract | Full paper (pdf)
Apprenticeships in England: what does research tell us?
Sandra  McNally,  July 2018
Paper No' CVERBRF008: Full paper (pdf)
Investing in People: The Case for Human Capital Tax Credits
Rui  Costa,  Nikhil  Datta,  Stephen  Machin,  Sandra  McNally,  March 2018
Paper No' CVERBRF007: Full paper (pdf)
Further analysis of the earnings differentials associated with BTECs
Gavan  Conlon,  Sophie  Hedges,  Pietro  Patrignani,  February 2018
Paper No' CVERBRF006: Read Abstract | Full paper (pdf)
Effectiveness of CEOs in the Public Sector: Evidence from Further Education Institutions
Jenifer  Ruiz-Valenzuela,  Camille  Terrier,  Clémentine  Van Effenterre,  December 2017
Paper No' CVERBRF005: Full paper (pdf)
An analysis of the duration and achievement of apprenticeships in England
Matthew  Bursnall,  Vahé  Nafilyan,  Stefan  Speckesser,  September 2017
Paper No' CVERBRF004: Read Abstract | Full paper (pdf)
The incidence of publicly funded training in England
Gavan  Conlon,  Sophie  Hedges,  Daniel  Herr,  Pietro  Patrignani,  March 2017
Paper No' CVERBRF003: Paper 1 (pdf) | Paper 2 (pdf)
The Decision to Undertake an Apprenticeship: A Case Study
Steven   McIntosh,  March 2017
Paper No' CVERBRF002: Full paper (pdf)
Further Education in England: Learners and Institutions
Claudia  Hupkau,  Guglielmo  Ventura,  February 2017
Paper No' CVERBRF001: Full paper (pdf)