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Higher education funding reforms in England

Ghazala  Azmat,  Stefania  Simion,  July 2018
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Keywords: Higher education, tuition fees, means-tested support, career choices, career outcomes

JEL Classification: I22; I23; I29; J30

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This Paper is published under the following series: CentrePiece Magazine
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Reforms in higher education funding, which have taken England from offering free-of-charge, full-time undergraduate studies to being one of the most expensive systems in the OECD, have led to a reduction in the participation gap among those entering university from higher and lower socio-economic groups. Returning to free higher education would not enhance equity: students are still disproportionately from high-income households.

CentrePiece 23 (2) Summer2018 pages: 26-28

This article summarises ‘Higher Education Funding Reforms: A Comprehensive Analysis of Educational and Labour Market Outcomes in England’ by Ghazala Azmat and Stefania Simion, CEP Discussion Paper No. 1529, February 2018.