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in brief...Empty homes, longer commutes

Paul  Cheshire,  Christian  Hilber,  Hans R. A.  Koster,  March 2018
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Keywords: Residential vacancy rates, housing supply constraints, land use regulation

JEL Classification: R13; R38

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This Paper is published under the following series: CentrePiece Magazine
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In areas of Britain where there are empty houses, planners typically allocate less land for development and make it more difficult to build or adapt houses. Research by Paul Cheshire, Christian Hilber and Hans Koster exposes the unintended and undesirable consequences of additional local restrictions, including more, not fewer, empty homes and longer commutes.

CentrePiece 23 (1) Spring2018 pages: 20-21

Paul Cheshire, Christian Hilber and Hans Koster (2018) ‘Empty Homes, Longer Commutes: The Unintended Consequences of More Restrictive Local Planning’, Urban and Spatial Programme Discussion Paper No. 181, July 2015