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The latest papers from STICERD

Econometrics Discussion Paper Series
Score estimation of monotone partially linear index model
Taisuke  Otsu,  Mengshan  Xu,  May 2019
Paper No' EM603: Full paper (pdf)
Econometrics Discussion Paper Series
Average derivative estimation under measurement error
Hao  Dong,  Taisuke  Otsu,  Luke  Taylor,  May 2019
Paper No' EM602: Full paper (pdf)
Paper copy now out of print.
Econometrics Discussion Paper Series
Causal inference on regression discontinuity designs by high-dimensional methods
Yoici  Arai,  Taisuke  Otsu,  Myung Hwan  Seo,  January 2019
Paper No' EM601: Full paper (pdf)
Paper copy now out of print.

The latest papers from CEE and CEP

CEP Discussion Paper
Retail Shocks and City Structure
Maria  Sanchez-Vidal,  July 2019
Paper No' CEPDP1636: Read Abstract | Full paper (pdf)
CEP Discussion Paper
Dirty Density: Air Quality and the Density of American Cities
Felipe  Carozzi,  Sefi  Roth,  July 2019
Paper No' CEPDP1635: Read Abstract | Full paper (pdf)
CEP Discussion Paper
A Toolkit of Policies to Promote Innovation
Nicholas  Bloom,  John  Van Reenen,  Heidi  Williams,  July 2019
Paper No' CEPDP1634: Read Abstract | Full paper (pdf)

The latest papers from CASE

CASE Reports
Managing the Unmanageable: Debt and financial resilience in Newham
LSE Housing and Communities,  Laura  Lane,  Anne  Power,  July 2019
Paper No' Case Report 123: Full paper (pdf)
CASE Papers
Understanding the relationship between inequalities and poverty: mechanisms associated with crime, the legal system and punitive sanctions
Magali  Duque,  Abigail  McKnight,  July 2019
Paper No' CASE/215: Read Abstract | Full paper (pdf)
Paper copy now out of print.
CASE Briefs
Inequalities in the experience of early education in England: Access, peer groups and transitions
Tammy  Campbell,  Ludovica  Gambaro,  Kitty  Stewart,  June 2019
Paper No' CASEbrief 36: Full paper (pdf)