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Modern Policing Requires More Than Just Higher Numbers of Officers

A long period of austerity and budget cuts in policing has had considerable negative impact on the size of UK forces and has hit forces outside London particularly hard, a new election analysis from the Centre for Economic Performance at LSE reports today.

Violent crime has risen in England and Wales, after decades of falls, just as austerity hit police forces. This could explain why crime is moving up in the list of voter priorities, now ranked the third most important issue.

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Britain''s Ambitious Climate Change Policies In Danger Despite Slow Growth

Meeting the UK’s ambitious ‘net zero’ target will require a ramping-up of climate change policies to reduce carbon emissions, to support deployment of renewable energy sources and to encourage more research on ‘clean’ technologies, a new election analysis from the Centre for Economic Performance said today.

UK greenhouse gas emissions are declining and have been declining for some time. The UK has a framework of long-run targets developed by the Committee on Climate Change, an independent body of experts advising government. Despite this, things are far from well when it comes to climate change in the UK and there are concerns about the country's ability to reach the 2050 target.

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Increases to NHS Funding Cannot Be Paid For By Public Spending Cuts Elsewhere

There is a clear need for increased funding for the health service but given cuts to other parts of the public sector, such revenue must come from raised taxes, increased borrowing or both, a new report said today.

The election analysis from the Centre for Economic Performance at LSE says that it is clear that the health and social care sectors have suffered a prolonged period of expenditure constraint at a time of increasing demands from an aging population.

The authors add that while the main political parties’ proposals all take the UK either closer to or above historical levels of NHS expenditure growth, whether this is enough to improve services adequately remains an open question.

Oriana Bandiera to become Econometrica editor

Professor Oriana Bandiera, Director of STICERD and Sir Anthony Atkinson Chair in Economics, will become Co-Editor of Econometrica from 1 July 2020.

Econometrica is a journal published by the Econometric Society. The journal began in 1933 with the goal of advancing economic theory in its relation to statistics and mathematics. It publishes original articles in all branches of economics.

For further information, please visit the Econometric Society website.

CASE Blog post
Prioritising participatory poverty projects properly

Dr Tania Burchardt, Director of CASE, and Paul Dornan, Social Research Consultant at ATD Fourth World UK, wrote a short article about the Understanding Poverty in All its Forms project. The project was just launched this week to coincide with the UN day for the eradication of poverty.
You can read the blog post here.

CASE Blog post
Beyond Bricks and Mortar: Housing Plus and the wider role of social landlords in low income communities

Professor Anne Power, Emeritus Professor of Social Policy at the London School of Economics and Head of LSE Housing and Communities, wrote about the role of social landlords in low income communities. In her article she presents the reasons why housing is about far more than bricks and mortar. Housing is a many-sided social, physical, financial and environmental service helping communities to survive and thrive.

You can read the blog post here.