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Financial Times
Politics is failing on Brexit but economics has been on the money

A few days before the vote, three of the UK's most reputable economic institutions — the National Institute of Economic and Social Research, the Institute for Fiscal Studies and the Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics wrote a short joint statement under the heading: "Leaving the EU would almost certainly damage our economic prospects".

Why leaving the EU would almost certainly damage our economic prospects.

BREXIT Papers & Analyses from the CEP.

BBC News
India election 2019: The next manufacturing superpower?

"It's important to remember that China started with a much more broad-based and educated workforce when it embarked on its economic transition," says Swati Dhingra, from the London School of Economics.
"India has seen mostly jobless growth in manufacturing even during boom periods - or at least a lack of secure employment arising from it," she adds.

New Statesman America
Even if MPs pass Theresa Mays deal, the UKs Brexit nightmare wont end

If, in spite of all this, the government manages to negotiate a trade agreement with the EU, what will be the economic and political consequences for the UK? Will it all be worthwhile in the end? A good guide to the economics is a collaborative study between the Centre of Economic Performance and The UK in a Changing Europe, which is both authoritative and representative of similar work.

BREXIT Papers & Analyses from the CEP.

ESRC New Investigator award granted to
Xavier Jaravel

Dr Xavier Jaravel, Assistant Professor of Economics and Associate of the Public Economics Programme at STICERD, has been awarded an ESRC New Investigator award to undertake research on the distributional effects of prices.

The project has three objectives: (1) to advance our understanding of the impact of price changes over time and across countries on inequality and standards of living; (2) to advance our understanding of the price effects of specific policies (namely: redistribution policies; trade policies; and monetary policy); (3) to enable researchers, policymakers and the general public to access new data on prices so that they are able to conduct their own analyses on prices, policies, inequality, and standards of living.

2019 Human Development and Capability Association Conference
London, 9-11 September, 2019

Hosted by University College London, in partnership with the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), Birkbeck, the University of East London (UEL) and the London International Development Centre (LIDC)

“Connecting Capabilities”

The theme for the HDCA 2019 conference in London (9-11 September 2019) is Connecting Capabilities. We have chosen this theme because we think connection is an important capability that needs further consideration.

March 2019 is the date currently scheduled for Brexit. In some ways this is a national political difficulty and time of uncertainty for the UK. But in other ways Brexit reflects themes that resonate internationally - not least the impact of globalisation and the emergence of greater xenophobia and more authoritarian forms of democracy in many parts of the world. The theme of connecting capabilities gives us an opportunity to think against this grain, using ideas and networks on human development and putting the capability approach to work in new ways.

Confirmed keynote speakers and plenary panels

Click here for the 2019 HDCA Conference Home Page for further information

PEP: Book Launch
Book launch by Camille Landais

Professor Camille Landais today presented his new book, co-authored with Gabrielle Fack (Universite Paris Dauphine) and Alix Myczkowski (Ecole d'economie de Paris), "Biens publics, charite privee: Comment l'Etat peut-il reguler le charity business?". The book launch took place in Paris and was chaired by Bertrand Leonard, President de la Fondation HEC.

You can find more information about the book and the launch here.