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Below are the latest headlines for CEP and STICERD. For full coverage see the CEP News and Visitors Site and the STICERD News and Visitors Site

The Express
Schools reopening UK: Why school days may be LONGER post-lockdown; SCHOOLS in the UK may reopen with longer days to prevent a "dark age" of low social mobility.

CEP's director Professor Stephen Machin, co-author of the report, also said: "We need to develop bold policies for now and the longer term to ensure the economic recovery also creates a more socially mobile society that is fairer for all.

Friday Magazine
Upside to a pandemic: Surprising health benefits of Covid-19

“It’s not just core relationships that matter, it’s also the peripheral ones,” says Prof Lord Richard Layard, a happiness researcher at the London School of Economics. “People never look at each other in the street but now some people are.” He says that refusing to engage positively with strangers is not a natural way of being. “It’s unknown in rural communities,” he says. “We have a long way to go to restore normal society.”

Blogs: CoronaNomics
"What Just Happened?" Ep2. | CoronaNomics Live! with Miatta Fahnbulleh and Richard Davies

Weconomic impact of coronavirus. Presented by Ben Chu (Economics Editor of The Independent) with Lizzy Burden (Economics Reporter of Daily Telegraph).

This episode features Miatta Fahnbulleh Chief Executive of the New Economics Foundation and economist Richard Davies.

Camille Landais among the winners of the AEJ Best Paper Award

Congratulations to Professor Camille Landais, who has been awarded, together with his co-authors Henrik Kleven and Jakob Egholt Søgaard, an AEJ Best Paper Award for their paper 'Children and Gender Inequality: Evidence from Denmark'. The paper was published in American Economic Journal: Applied Economics in October 2019.

Using Danish administrative data, they studied the impact of having children on gender inequality in the labor market. According to their research, the arrival of children creates a long-run gender gap in earnings of around 20 percent. Mechanisms drive these "child penalties" in terms of occupation, sector, and firm choices whilst the fraction of gender inequality caused by child penalties has increased dramatically over the last three to four decades. At the end, they show that child penalties are transmitted through generations, from parents to daughters, suggesting an influence of childhood environment on gender identity.

Each year, an article from each American Economic Journal is selected from nominated articles for the AEJ Best Paper Award.

Find out more in the American Economic Journal pages.

Kleven, Henrik, Camille Landais, and Jakob Egholt Søgaard. 2019. Children and Gender Inequality: Evidence from Denmark. American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 11 (4): 181-209.

LSE SU Teaching Awards to Professor Oriana Bandiera and Martina Zanella

Congratulations to Professor Oriana Bandiera, director of STICERD, and Martina Zanella, PhD student at STICERD, who have both won LSE SU Teaching Awards!

Oriana Bandiera won the LSESU Award for Innovative Teaching. Martina Zanella won the LSESU Award for Sharing Subject Knowledge.

These awards allow students to nominate and celebrate the staff who have made a difference and enhanced their experiences during their time at LSE. They are organised by the LSE Students' Union.

You can find out more from the LSE SU Teaching Awards website.

RES Policy Webinars: Nick Stern and Tim Besley

The Royal Economic Society hosts a series of webinars week chaired by Lord Nicholas Stern. These webinars to examine the challenge of building a strong, inclusive, sustainable and resilient recovery from the COVID crisis. They focus on strategy, investment, policies and finance for such a recovery, taking careful account of the transition from the rescue phase - which we are now in - to recovery.

This coming Friday 15 May 2020 at 1pm, Professor Tim Besley will be among the speakers to discuss finance for a strong and sustainable recovery.

Finance for a strong and sustainable recovery
15 May 2020, 1.00pm British Summer Time
Chair: Nick Stern
Speakers: Tim Besley, Stephen Jones, Nick Robins, Iam Simm, Rhian-Mari Thomas

To find out more please visit the RES Covid-19 hub.
The webinars are streamed live. The recordings are also available on YouTube.