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Below are the latest headlines for CEP and STICERD. For full coverage see the CEP News and Visitors Site and the STICERD News and Visitors Site

News at Six

Academics at Oxford University and the London School of Economics have been carrying out controlled trials aimed at raising mental well-being among adults. The course run by volunteers from the charity Action for Happiness is being conducted in 19 countries. The results, they say, are "staggering". [23 mins]

Interview - Richard Layard: ‘It''s in politicians'' self-interest to make policies for happiness’

The economist on the science of happiness - and how it can help us rethink the world.

How to make the world happier – and why it should be our first priority

In this extract from his new book, Richard Layard argues for wellbeing as a political goal as well as a personal one.

LSE IQ Podcast with Kerris Cooper on knife crime

Exploring the question, 'How do we stop knife crime?', Joanna Bale talks to Kerris Cooper among others, about knife crime, based on CASE SPDO research with Niki Lacey.

You can listen to the podcast here.

The report 'Physical safety and Security: Policies, spending and outcomes 2015-2020' is available here.


STICERD Visitor - Visiting Fellow
Dr Michael Callen

Michael Callen is Assistant Professor of Economics and Strategic Management at the Rady Schcool of Management, UC San Diego, specialized in the areas of development economics, political economy, and experimental economics.
He is currently a STICERD Development Economics affiliate and a Visiting Senior Fellow at the Department of Economics

Michael Callen's personal website

Oriana Bandiera to become Econometrica editor

Professor Oriana Bandiera, Director of STICERD and Sir Anthony Atkinson Chair in Economics, will become Co-Editor of Econometrica from 1 July 2020.

Econometrica is a journal published by the Econometric Society. The journal began in 1933 with the goal of advancing economic theory in its relation to statistics and mathematics. It publishes original articles in all branches of economics.

For further information, please visit the Econometric Society website.