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LSE Research Laboratory (RLAB)


The staff are composed of members of LSE faculty, consistently awarded the highest possible research ratings in the UK Research Assessment Exercise, and contract researchers.

Over 100 research assistants and postgraduate research students, mainly from continental Europe, work alongside senior staff in an apprenticeship mode which at one and the same time trains them in the highest standards of empirical investigation and allows them to contribute to knowledge.

The Lab hosts many of the world's leading social scientists as visitors. Recent and planned visitors to the Lab include:

  • Robert Barro (Harvard)

  • Stanley Fischer (IMF)

  • Gene Grossman (Princeton University)

  • Peter Kenen (Princeton University)

  • Paul Krugman (Princeton University)

  • Roger Noll (Stanford University)

  • Andrew Postlewaite (University of Pennsylvania)

  • Amartya Sen (Cambridge)

  • William Julius Wilson (Harvard)