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LSE Research Laboratory (RLAB)


The physical creation of the Lab has been a triumph of architectural design and financial planning, with the £6.6 million from the Joint Infrastructure Fund playing the key role.

The need now is for current finance to sustain and enhance its operation. Such finance for the Lab has been selected as a key priority in the LSE Campaign.

The target is £20 million.

The most urgent need is for core finance to guarantee the continued funding of the component centres of which only one has any endowment. Named chairs to head these centres is the top priority.

The next priority is major core support for programmes in the Lab's fields of interest.

The Research Lab is the flagship of LSE's contribution to the solution of society's social and economic problems. Only if the Lab is enabled to flourish and continuously improve will LSE be able to sustain its role as the centre of social and economic thought in Europe.