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LSE Research Laboratory (RLAB)

Your Computer Set up

Currently computers on the RLAB DOMAIN run Windows 7.

If you are a member of and have an desk at CASE, CEP, SERC or STICERD and you will be allocated a network userspace. You will find this located under Start > Computer:

[Picture of start - computer]

  • For CEP and SERC users this will appear as your J: drive.

  • For CASE and STICERD users this will appear as your Z: drive.
[Picture of J: Drive icon] [Picture of Z: Drive icon]

Please use your RLAB DOMAIN networked user-space (J: drive or Z: drive) to save your important files as this drive is backed up overnight.

Common Applications

On a standard build STICERD, CEP or SERC computer there are many applications and software suites - please expand All Programs from the start menu to view all.

Some of the most commonly used amongst members are:

[Picture of 7-Zip Shortcut] 7-Zip.
For compressing or extracting files. WinZip is also installed.
[Picture of Adobe Reader Shortcut] Adobe Reader.
For reading PDF files. CutePDF and Microsoft/Adobe Plugin for creating PDF files is also installed.
[Picture of ArcGIS Shortcut] ArcGIS.
Geographic information system (GIS) software for creating and using maps; compiling geographic data; and analyzing mapped information.
[Picture of Internet Explorer Shortcut] Internet Explorer.
Microsoft web browser
[Picture of iTunes Shortcut] iTunes
Manage music, video and podcasts for your computer or digital video/audio Player.
[Picture of LyX Shortcut] LyX Editor
Editor. Use it to write TeX or LaTeX files
[Picture of Maple Shortcut] Maple
Mathematical Software
[Picture of MathType Shortcut] MathType
Equation Editor - lets you create mathematical notation for word processing, web pages, presentations, and for TeX, LaTeX
[Picture of Matlab Shortcut] Matlab
Mathematical and Statistical Software
[Picture of Office Shortcut] Microsoft Office.
Including...(see below)
[Picture of Access Shortcut] Access
Microsoft database program.
[Picture of Excel Shortcut] Excel
Microsoft spreadsheet program.
[Picture of Outlook Shortcut] Outlook
Microsoft email program.
[Picture of PowerPoint Shortcut] PowerPoint
Microsoft presentation program.
[Picture of Publisher Shortcut] Publisher
Microsoft presentation and web editing program.
[Picture of Word Shortcut] Word
Microsoft word processing program.
[Picture of Firefox Shortcut] Mozilla Firefox
Web browser
[Picture of Roxio Shortcut] Roxio Creator DE
Backup your files onto CD or DVD.
[Picture of Scientific WorkPlace Shortcut] Scientific WorkPlace
Technical word processing program (for equations, symbols) which can perform symbolic computation
[Picture of Skype Earth] Skype
Voice and video calls over the internet
[Picture of Sophos Shortcut] Sophos.
Anti-Virus Software.
[Picture of SPSS Shortcut] SPSS/PASW
Statistical Analysis Software
[Picture of Stata Shortcut] Stata
Statistical and Data Analysis Software.
[Picture of StatTransfer Shortcut] StatTransfer
Transfers data from one file format to another, for example SPSS to Stata, Delimited Text to Excel, etc...