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Stata Manuals in RLAB


STATA 11 manuals are now available online.

Please note these are restricted to members of CEP and STICERD who use STATA within the Research Lab and already have an existing RLAB account.

Users will be requested for their RLAB username and password to view the manuals.

For username type RLAB\username and for password enter your normal RLAB password.

Core Manuals
User's Guide[U]Link
Reference A-Z[R]Link
Data Management[D]Link
Getting Started - for Windows[GSW]Link
Getting Started - for Mac[GSM]Link
Getting Started - for Unix[GSU]Link
Quick Reference and Index[I]Link
Combined Subject Table Of Contents[STOC]Link

Additional Manuals
Longitudinal/Panel Data[XT]Link
Mata Matrix Programming[M] 0-3Link
Multivariate Statistics[MV]Link
Survey Data[SVY]Link
Survival Analysis and Epidemiological Tables[ST]Link
Time Series[TS]Link

Loan copies of STATA 10 manuals are available from Nic or Joe [Room R534] for STICERD copies or Tanvi [Room R455] for CEP copies.

You can also access all manual information through STATA itself, either through the help menu or interactively using the command line.

To access manual information interactively type

	help subject

For example -

	help reg

- gives you the manual entry for the regression command.