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Want to have a calendar of RLAB events on Outlook?

Need a reminder about upcoming research seminars? Would you like a calendar of RLAB events that is automatically updated when events are added, or details have changed.

Follow these simple instructions to add RLAB events to your Outlook 2010:
  1. In Outlook 2010, go to Calendar

    [Outlook Calendar]

  2. Make sure you are in Calendar View:

    From the menu bar click on the View Tab

    Click on Change View

    Click on Calendar

    [Outlook  - Calendar - View]

  3. Choose between Day, Week or Month. (In our example we have chosen Month).

    [Outlook  - Calendar - View]

  4. From the menu bar click on the Home Tab.

    [Outlook  - Calendar - View]

  5. Click on Open Calendar.
    A menu will appear

    Click on From Internet...

    [Outlook  - Calendar - View]

    The New Internet Calender Subscription dialog box will appear:

    [Outlook Tools, Account Settings]

  6. In the box type:
    Then click on OK.

  7. You will be prompted to Add the Internet Calendar and subscribe to updates
    Click Yes

    [Outlook Tools, Account Settings]

  8. The RLAB Events Calendar will appear alongside your personal Outlook Calendar:

    [Outlook Tools, Account Settings]

  9. The RLAB Events Calendar will automatically update whenever new seminars are added or details have changed. Click on an entry to view Title, Speaker, Location and Time details.

    [Outlook Tools, Account Settings]

  10. If you find that event details are not updating close Outlook, then log back into it again, to see the changes.