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UK Data Archive registration and licensing



To use data from the UK Data Archive you need to be legally registered. You must register each project for which you will be using data and all the datasets you will be using for each project. The Data Archive is currently changing from ATHENS to Shibboleth Registration. For your ATHENS user name and password log on to 'LSE for you' on the LSE homepage and look under 'Library passwords'. For Shibboleth registration you will need your standard LSE username and password.


  • Go to the Data Archive homepage

  • Go to Login at the top right hand side of the page

  • You will be asked to input your ATHENS username (LSE + the numbers above your ID cards barcode) and password (LSE + your Library PIN), or Shibboleth username and password (standard LSE login).

  • If this is the first time you have logged on to the Data Archive you will be directed to the ESDS registration form.

  • Fill in this form, click 'Submit'

  • Read through the End User License and accept

  • You will receive an email containing a URL which you should click and then your registration will be complete

For more information see the Accessing data page on the UK Data Archive site.


  • Go to the Data Archive page and click on Login

  • Enter your ATHENS details (or LSE username and password if redirected through Shibboleth) - this will take you to your account page

  • Click on usage details under 'Accessing' on the right hand menu, at the bottom of the page is a link 'register a use of data'. Fill in and submit this form.

  • Once you have registered the new use you can add the datasets you need to this project by going to Usage Details, clicking on the project and entering the Study Number (SN) of each of the datasets you wish to use.

    [You can find the SN of a dataset either by searching the Catalogue or checking the Major Studies page]

  • Alternatively search for the dataset you want via the Catalogue or the Major Studies page, and check the tick box, and follow instructions.

  • In the Usage Details please also click on the Usage Number and add as an ESDS registered user as this will allow the Data team to verify you are licensed for data access

  • Once you have completed this process email Tanvi in order to gain access to the Data Library


  • To license a co-author first make sure they have a registered with the Archive

  • In your Archive account click on the project to which you wish to add a co-author.

  • Click on 'details for this usage'

  • At the bottom of the page enter your co-author's email address in the dialogue box provided

This will save time as projects and datasets need only be registered once for all co-authors.


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