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LSE Research Laboratory Data Service

About Us: The RLAB Data Service

What we do

The Research Lab [RLAB] provides a wide range of data support services for its members, including a regularly updated library of electronic data. The data covers RLAB research interests, and includes UK and international micro and macro data sources.

The Data Manager is available for drop in queries on Mondays and Tuesdays, and can be emailed for support at any time.

The Data Manager:

Support available

The Data Service offers support in the following areas:
  • Finding datasets for specific research questions

  • Assisting staff in negotiations for access to data through providers such as ONS, government departments etc.

  • Accessing data held in the RLAB electronic library

  • Licensing staff for restricted data

  • Formatting data for convenient use in recognised statistical packages

  • Checking errors in data, and where necessary contacting the data providers for corrections

  • Advice on storage and archiving

  • Advice on data handling, confidentiality and disclosure control

  • Software support for some statistical packages

  • Support for staff using data for the first time

  • Support and advice for primary data collection

In addition, you are welcome to come to the Data Manager with any problem connected with data use or collection and we will help you wherever we can.

The data manager has a small budget to purchase data resources, and can advise on other potential sources of revenue for purchases beyond RLAB funds. In order to avoid double ordering and make the best use of available assets please consult the data manager before buying data resources.