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About the programme

This program engages with recent debates about the reform of the public sector. The program is interdisciplinary. It brings together experts in labour economics, the politics of bureaucracy, industrial relations, political economy and the study of contracts and organizations to study the problems of delivering effective public services.

There are four main themes:
  1. Accountability and incentives -- The role of transparency in shaping performance. Alternative means of achieving accountability. Should we think of incentives differently in the delivery of public services? Are there systematic differences between public and private provision?

  2. Leadership -- The importance of key decision makers in delivering effective pubic services. How much autonomy should be given to public sector CEOs such as policy commissioners, hospital chiefs and head teachers. How are such public sector leaders remunerated?

  3. Competition -- How does competition in the product and labour markets affect performance in the public sector? Are some forms of competition in public services harmful to performance? How does competition affect inequality in service provision?

  4. Rewards --how does the reward system (including external and internal pay setting) affect the recruitment, retention and motivation of public sector workers? How does this feed through to performance and outcomes?