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The Local Economic Impacts of Regeneration Projects: Evidence from UK's Single Regeneration Budget
Stephen  Gibbons,  Henry  Overman,  Matti  Sarvimäki,  August 2017
Paper No' SERCDP0218: Read Abstract | Full paper (pdf)
CASE Reports
Divided City? The value of mixed communities in expensive neighbourhoods
Katie  Bates,  Laura  Lane,  Anne  Power,  Nicola  Serle,  July 2013
Paper No' CASEreport 77: Read Abstract | Paper 1 (pdf) | Paper 2 (pdf)
CASE Papers
Small-area measures of income poverty
Alex  Fenton,  May 2013
Paper No' CASE/173: Read Abstract | Full paper (pdf)
CASE Papers
Low-demand Housing and Unpopular Neighbourhoods Under Labour
Alex  Fenton,  Ruth  Lupton,  April 2013
Paper No' SPCCRN006: Full paper (pdf)
CASE Papers
Urban Area and Hinterland: Defining Large Cities in England, Scotland and Wales in terms of their constituent neighbourhoods
Alex  Fenton,  April 2013
Paper No' SPCCRN004: Full paper (pdf)
CASE Papers
Neighbourhood Management and the Future of Urban Areas
Anne  Power,  January 2004
Paper No' CASE 077: Read Abstract | Full paper (pdf)
CASE Papers
Schools in Disadvantaged Areas: Recognising context and raising quality
Ruth  Lupton,  January 2004
Paper No' CASE 076: Read Abstract | Full paper (pdf)

Published as “Schools in Disadvantaged Areas: Low Attainment and a Contextualised Policy Response”, in H.Lauder, P.Brown, J.Dillabough and A.H. Halsey (eds.), Education, Globalization and Social Change, Oxford University Press, 2006
CASE Papers
Is Targeting Deprived Areas an Effective Means to Reach Poor People? An assessment of one rationale for area-based funding programmes
Ruth  Lupton,  Rebecca  Tunstall,  June 2003
Paper No' CASE 070: Read Abstract | Full paper (pdf)
CASE Papers
Satisfaction and Expectations: Attitudes to public services in deprived areas
Bobby  Duffy,  December 2000
Paper No' CASE 045: Read Abstract | Full paper (pdf)
CASE Papers
Neighbourhood Management
Emmet  Bergin,  Anne  Power,  December 1999
Paper No' CASE 031: Read Abstract | Full paper (pdf)
Paper copy now out of print.

This paper has now been updated and is available as CASE/77
CASE Papers
Poverty, Social Exclusion and Neighbourhood: Studying the area bases of social exclusion
Howard  Glennerster,  Ruth  Lupton,  Philip  Noden,  Anne  Power,  March 1999
Paper No' CASE 022: Read Abstract | Full paper (pdf)