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CEP Discussion Paper
Quality in Early Years Settings and Children’s School Achievement
Jo  Blanden,  Kirstine  Hansen,  Sandra  McNally,  February 2017
Paper No' CEPDP1468: Read Abstract | Full paper (pdf)
CentrePiece Magazine Article
Faster broadband: are there any educational benefits?
Benjamin  Faber,  Rosa  Sanchis-Guarner,  Felix  Weinhardt,  October 2016
Paper No' CEPCP480: Read Abstract | Full paper (pdf)
CentrePiece 21 (2) Autumn2016 pages: 12-16

This article summarises ‘ICT and Education: Evidence from Student Home Addresses’ by Benjamin Faber, Rosa Sanchis-Guarner and Felix Weinhardt, CEP Discussion Paper No. 1359.
CASE Papers
The effect of parental wealth on children’s outcomes in early adulthood
Eleni  Karagiannaki,  August 2012
Paper No' CASE/164: Read Abstract | Full paper (pdf)
CentrePiece Magazine Article
In brief: Language barriers? The impact of non-native English speakers in the classroom
Charlotte  Geay,  Sandra  McNally,  Shqiponja  Telhaj,  May 2012
Paper No' CEPCP368: Read Abstract | Full paper (pdf)
CentrePiece 17 (1) Spring2012 pages: 14-15

This article summarises 'Non-native Speakers of English in the Classroom: What are the Effects on Pupil Performance?' by Charlotte Geay, Sandra McNally and Shqiponja Telhaj, Centre for the Economics of Education Discussion Paper No.137, March 2012
CentrePiece Magazine Article
Mental Health and Education Decisions
Francesca  Cornaglia,  Elena  Crivellaro,  Sandra  McNally,  February 2012
Paper No' CEEEDP0136: Read Abstract | Full paper (pdf)
CEE Discussion Paper
Variation in Educational Outcomes and Policies Across Countries and of Schools within Countries
Richard  Freeman,  Stephen  Machin,  Martina  Viarengo,  August 2010
Paper No' CEEDP0117: Read Abstract | Full paper (pdf)
CEE Discussion Paper
The Changing Economic Advantage From Private School
Francis  Green,  Stephen  Machin,  Richard  Murphy,  Yu  Zhu,  April 2010
Paper No' CEEDP0115: Read Abstract | Full paper (pdf)
CEE Discussion Paper
Education and Income Inequality in the Regions of the European Union
Andrés  Rodríguez-Pose,  Vassilis  Tselios,  November 2008
Paper No' SERCDP0011: Read Abstract | Full paper (pdf)
CEE Discussion Paper
Faith Primary Schools: Better Schools or Better Pupils?
Steve  Gibbons,  Olmo  Silva,  November 2006
Paper No' CEEDP0072: Read Abstract | Full paper (pdf)
CEE Discussion Paper
From the Cradle to the Labor Market? The Effect of Birth Weight on Adult Outcomes
Sandra E.  Black,  Paul  Devereux,  Kjell  Salvanes,  March 2006
Paper No' CEEDP0061: Read Abstract | Full paper (pdf)
CASE Papers
Schools in Disadvantaged Areas: Recognising context and raising quality
Ruth  Lupton,  January 2004
Paper No' CASE 076: Read Abstract | Full paper (pdf)

Published as “Schools in Disadvantaged Areas: Low Attainment and a Contextualised Policy Response”, in H.Lauder, P.Brown, J.Dillabough and A.H. Halsey (eds.), Education, Globalization and Social Change, Oxford University Press, 2006
CEP Discussion Paper
Educational Attainment, Labour Market Institutions, and the Structure of Production
Stephen  Nickell,  Stephen  Redding,  Joanna  Swaffield,  September 2002
Paper No' CEPDP0545: Read Abstract | Full paper (pdf)
CASE Papers
Schools, Education and Social Exclusion
Jo  Sparkes,  November 1999
Paper No' CASE 029: Read Abstract | Full paper (pdf)