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Below are the latest headlines for CEP and STICERD. For full coverage see the CEP News and Visitors Site and the STICERD News and Visitors Site

The Wall Street Journal
Humans Are Winning the Battle With Robots

John Van Reenen comments on whether executives in many industries are sold on the technical revolution.
"There is a big debate on whether robots are really delivering on the productivity benefits they might promise."

Talk Radio
Discussion about the living wage

Jan-Emmanuel De Neve discusses the living wage with @EamonnHolmes on @talkRADIO

Channel 5 (Broadcast)
Has feminism unwittingly given men a leg up?

Wellbeing Programme research by CEP Associate Grace Lordan is discussed, looking at the societal and childhood impacts on gendered sorting patterns.

Research update:
Intra-household allocation of resources: implications for poverty, deprivation and inequality in the European Union

Presentations of initial findings from the project have been presented at:

  • DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion Social Situation Monitor in Brussels in March 2018 .
  • Foundation for International Studies on Social Security 25th anniversary conference, Sigtuna, Sweden, June 2018. FISS conference page
  • Association annual conference, York, July 2018
  • International Association for Research on Income and Wealth conference, Copenhagen, August 2018

New blog post by Bert Provan
Stop doing things to residents of poor neighbourhoods without asking what they need

These days, few organisations can escape the clamour to assess the ‘Social Return on Investment’, or SROI, of proposed new projects. But how often are local people actually asked what they need from local investment, and how realistic are the aims of delivery? Read more in Political Quarterly here

STICERD Director Professor Oriana Bandiera to deliver the 2018 RES Annual Public Lecture

Oriana Bandiera is Professor of Economics at LSE and Director of STICERD. In this public lecture, she will explore 'what economists really do', particularly their efforts to analyse and advise on policies to fight extreme poverty and promote economic development that can transform people's lives.

The 2018 Annual Public Lecture will take place on Wednesday 21 November at the Royal Institution in London at 5:30pm and Wednesday 28 November at the University of York at 1:00pm.

Further information is available in the links below.

Royal Economic Society Annual Public Lecture

Video: 'What Economists really do?'